Goa Gong which is located in the village of Bomo, district Purung, Pacitan Regency, Central Java, this is one of the many beautiful caves that are located in the County. Goa Gong also located not far from a cave of other very famous i.e. Goa Tabuhan. The beauty of Goa Gong is already very well known both in domestic and in foreign countries, because its beauty even Goa Gong was designated as the most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia.
The beauty of Goa Gong seen from various stones stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. The beauty of the cave which is combined with a good setup of officials making the atmosphere in these caves more beautiful course. With the help of light bulbs and colorful, more and add to the beauty of this cave.
Visitors also do not have to be concerned with the access points of entry into the cave, because it was there are stairs and fences that will make tourists visiting in the cave feel comfortable and secure. Be prepared also to marvel with the beauty of the fence decorated with crystals in the cave.
Heading to the bottom of the cave, you will find a pond or spring was amazing. Usually the tourists would come to the spring to simply feel the freshness from springs in Goa Gong which is very beautiful. the number of spring in Goa Gong is actually reaching 5 spring are all believed to have magical value for curing various diseases that are owned by someone. Main dishes from this cave is actually a large rock which when struck would issue such a musical instrument sound the gong. The stones also became the origin of the naming of the cave a very amazing.
From some room in Goa Gong, one of the largest room in the cave was once used as the venue of music performance 4 countries. The live music is performed as a form of promotion over the beauty of Goa Gong into the international arena.
To enter a Goa Gong is only required admission for 7000 rupiah only. With opening hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., you are with friends or family can visit and explore how the beauty of Goa Gong freely. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs sold an awful lot of traders in Goa Gong area, where the form of agate which is now central back is popular among the public.
A wide range of facilities available around this area such as small mosque, home meals, up to the toilet. Everything is there to provide comfort on the visitors when visiting the area around Goa Gong.

Access To Goa Gong
With a good setup and the awareness of the local governments of potential tourism owned then the mode of transportation and mass transit, as well as the facilities already can be said to be quite good. With regard to transportation that you can use in order to visit Goa Gong, this is as follows.
With the initial point of departure from the town of Pacitan then you must drive to the West so far 37 kilometers past the Pringkuku towards Punung. From there you continue towards Goa Gong which is located in the village of Bomo.
Lodging Around Goa Gong
Availability of lodgings that are around this area pretty well. Those of you who want to visit can rent a hotel in the neighborhood of the town of Pacitan. Lots of hotels that provide complete facilities in accordance with the budget and financial ability that you have planned in advance.
Tips On Visiting Goa Gong
Note the following if you want to go visit Goa Gong. These simple tips will help and just remind you to always be a traveler or tourist who are responsible and keep the natural hygiene visited.
If planning a visit to Goa Gong prepare physically. Because before you reach Goa Gong before you have to walk, and to explore the beauty of Goa Gong you will pursue a number of ladders are not few.
Note your way while visiting this beautiful cave, as though it had been provided with good facilities, such as a ladder and guardrail to grip, but the water that drips from the goa makes the streets became slippery, so it should still be cautious when walking.
Do not carelessly wielding rocks, even taking the stalactites or stalagmites that live in the cave, as it could undermine growth and adverse effect conferring to the beauty of the cave.
As in the trips you do, never try to deface the environment around the cave as well as the spring (pool) that were in the cave with various trash or graffitigraffiti is not clear, so that environmental sustainability the cave stays awake properly. Be a responsible visitor, against environmental sustainability and natural surroundings that you visit.

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