Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo is included in the area of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) and the name of Mount Bromo himself reputedly comes from the word Brahma is one of Gods according to Hindu religious belief. Hinduism itself is a belief shared by many people around tourist attractions in East Java. Residents around Mount Bromo is widely known by the name of Tenggerese namely tribes of the tribal race descended from Javanese Empire Majapahit.
To enjoy the scenery of Mt. Bromo itself usually the tourists will be heading to the View Point first, View Point is a place that is used to view the sunrise and the beauty of Mount Bromo from a height. There are five places that can be used to see the views of Mount Bromo through the top of the Hill, including Pananjakan 1, Sruni Point, Love Hill, KingKong Hill and the Summit B29. but for Summit B29 place some distance from the fourth view point the other, and this place is newly developed for view point.
History Of Mount Bromo
In antiquity, during the Majapahit Kingdom is experiencing turbulence because of the many attacks that threaten the Kingdom. The population of majapahit confusion to find a safe place. On the way they eventually diverged into two groups, one to the mountains around Bromo with the leader of the troupe is the King and Queen and the other to the island of Bali.
After decades of population that lives in the Bromo started could adjust to the surroundings, until finally the birth of a baby from the King and his Queen named Roro Anteng. and not far from where the King and his Queen stayed also was born a baby boy from the descendants of Brahmana named Joko Seger.
After they grow up, the second son last fall in love with each other, but in the course of their love story there is a giant who tried to separate them both, by way of applying for Roro Anteng by means of Roro Anteng forcibly, but don’t be willing and reject the subtle way, i.e. by asking to make a lake atop Mount Bromo with time for just one night. The terms of the last received and on the machining process of the Lake was nearly complete, the Giants of yesteryear were thwarted with the hokey pokey Roro Anteng. The Giants last rampage and threw a coconut shell used to dig the Lake. coconut shell and purportedly last enlarged so that it forms a mountain of Shells, while the Lake last turned into a volcano.
Activities that can be done at Mount Bromo
1. View Point
As we have the previous review that View Point is a place that can be used to see the views of Mount Bromo from a height, besides travelers can also see when the sun rises in the morning. There are several places that you can visit Pananjakan, Seruni Point, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill and  the Summit B29 Bromo.
2. Mount Bromo Crater
Crater of Bromo volcano is the second destination is usually visited by tourists to the mount Bromo. the crater has a diameter of approximately 800 metres is unique, to be able to visit the crater of Bromo tourist usually desist in a horse or foot, and then continued with the climb the stairs with steps numbered 250. a view on top of the Bromo crater was very chic, decorated with views of the mountain and a small Shell that forms the steep lines that are on the side of the crater of Mount Bromo.
3. A meadow Savanna (the Hill of Teletubbies)
A meadow savanna is a vast stretch of grass with an area of about 10 square Km, it is also called the Hill of Teletubbies, a cosy atmosphere and cool would you feel when visiting this place, the location of this tour is in the South of the crater of Mount Bromo, precisely in the area of jemplang. You will find the uniqueness of Mount Bromo when visiting this place.
4. Sea of sand (Whispering Sand)
Place this one is also a favorite place for tourists visiting Mount Bromo, the sprawling sand forms the painting lines. You will be able to feel the voice whispers in Your ear closer to the nearby sand. This place also once made a film shooting location Whispering Sands starring by Dian Sastrowardoyo.

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