Umbul Sidomukti

The tourism area of Umbul Sidomukti is one of the natural attractions Mountains in Semarang, located in the village of Sidomukti Bandungan District Subdistrict, Semarang. The tourism area is supported by Facility & Service: Outbound Training, Adrenaline Games, Natural swimming pool, Camping Ground, Guesthouse, Pondok Lesehan, as well as a Meeting Room.
There are four terraced pools and can be selected according to the desired depth. The water is very cold, clear and refreshing. In addition plus also with some means of challenging sport of courage on this side of the pond. There is a trajectory of flying fox with two choice of track, marine bridge in the Valley, rapeling down the Valley side of the pond, and ATV, natural swimming pool and trekking. There is a natural swimming pool garden Umbul Sidomukti located on the slopes of Mount ungaran 1200 altitude above the sea level, flanked by ravines on both sides.
Flying fox with track length 110 metres, with the distance of the height from the lowest point of the Valley about 70 meters. This flying fox across the Valley, so seeming to move from hillside to hillside opposite with relies on two threads as well as safety ropes and helmets. As usual, flying fox can be done by selecting the lutzes ‘ style like superman flying, or usually sitting style. Price of tickets flying fox Valley only 25,000 IDR, not expensive to simply test the courage.
Umbul Sidomukti can be reached from Semarang heading to Solo, to find a gas station Lemah abang on the left side of the road, turn right towards Bandungan. Arriving in Jimbaran Market on the left side, there will be the hallway reads sidomukti on the right side with the road uphill. Along the way there was some small clue boards to get to the Natural swimming pool Park of Sidomukti, Sidomukti Village, Bandungan, Semarang.

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