Sipora Island, Mentawai, West Sumatera

Sipura is a small island which is very conveniently located from to 4 large islands that exist in Metawai, West Sumatra. The position of Sipura itself right in the middle between the Pagai Islands and the island of Siberut. This island is located in the capital of the Regency of Mentawai Islands, namely Old Pejat. The island became an attraction for tourists, both local and abroad, because around the island there are several tourism spots to surf a very riveting. The most appropriate time to visit the Sipura to surf is from april to October. However, visitors can still enjoy the challenging waves roll on this island almost throughout the year.

Located in the middle of the island of Siberut and the island of Pagai, making this island as a strategic area to enjoy and browse through the beauty of the Mentawai Islands and around. To enjoy the island of Sipora can be done by driving around using a speed boat or boat which is the main vehicle that existed on the island. In addition to challenging the ferocious waves on the island, visitors can also glance at or utilize waves for surfing on other nearby islands. Besides being known for its fierce waves, as well as most tourists come for surfing on the island, the island of Sipora also known as nautical tourism is so stunningly.
The Islands that are included in this area of Mentawai Islands, known to foreign countries as a location for surfing with a number of points which are always considered by the surfers of the world. In addition to the purpose of the international and local surfers who pursued the ferocious waves, natural beauty in the Sipura has also not escaped the attention of the tourists.

On the island, tourists can choose various kinds of waves, because the island has 4 types of challenging waves, such as The Surgeon‘s Table, that is like the waves as if lifting the surfer to the top of the waves. There are also Lance’s to the Left, is the most powerful waves and consistent across the island and beyond.
A perfect wave curling onto the beach in the Mentawai Islands, off  Indonesia, 2006
In the Northwest of Sipora Island, there are two types of waves. Telescopes is a type of very long waves, there are also Semi Hollow i.e. waves run down with a hole at the center of an almost perfect for most surfers. There is also Scrarecrows, with the Waves take off zone left formed a wave wall scroll quickly, the waves of this type is perfect for surfers of the middle class.
For a stay or an overnight stay on the island, tourists can stay in the homes of residents in Old Pejat. But some visitors there is a Chartered cruise ship that is on the field to be used as lodging. On the island of Sipora there are airports, only the airport for charter flights. The most widely chosen path towards Sipura is to climb the boat or speed boat.

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