Tanah Lot Temple, Tabanan Bali

Tanah Lot Temple is iconic tourism island of Bali. In addition one of the famous tourist destinations on the island of Bali that the mandatory visit. Because it was so famous tourism spots in Bali, then almost every day Tanah Lot is always crowded with tourists visit.
The temple was built in two different places. One temple is located on top of a large rock mass, and the other is located above the cliffs overhanging to the sea is similar to the Uluwatu Temple. The cliff is what connects the shrine to the Mainland. As well as the shape of the curved cliffs such as bridges.
Tanah Lot is part of the Pura Kahyangan Jagat, Bali was intended as a place for worshiping the God of the sea guard. At the time of the tidal sea water, the Temple will look water surrounded by the sea. There are small caves beneath which there are some sea snakes.
The main attraction of the Tanah Lot Tabanan as tourism attractions is located at:
1. The uniqueness of the location of the temple that sits above a large rock. At the time of the tidal sea water, the Temple will look in the middle of the sea.
2. The beauty of the view of the sunset with Temple silhouette. If you vacation to Bali and like to see views of the sunset, make sure you come here.
Tanah Lot Sunset. Bali, Indonesia June 2010
Because the main attraction of this tourism attraction located on the scenic beauty of sunset with Temple silhouette. Then the best time to visit is at 17:00. Most tourists will spend the holidays in this place an average of 45 minutes.
To be able to enter the area of Tanah Lot, every tourist is required to pay the entrance ticket. There is a difference between the domestic price of admission with foreign tourists. In addition to paying the entrance fee, you also have to pay the parking fee.

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